WaterFive Star Maintenance:


floodWhen it comes to water damage cleanup, it doesn't get any faster the professionals at Five Star Maintenance. Weather the water is from a sewer backup, a storm or flood, or plumbing issue, we can get it cleaned up and dried out. We use advanced equipment and industry standard procedures to get things dry fast and clean even faster! No matter the size of the job, we are here to help. Should you ever find yourself in a situation with water in your home or office, the following tips will help you stay safe and minimize damage. 1. DO NOT go into a flooded basement, there could be an electrical hazard. 2. Call Five Star Maintenance and your insurance company immediately Upon arrival, we will identify the source of the water and work to eliminate it, then inspect and assess the situation. 1. We pump out water and extract it from carpet and pad. 2. We dry and dehumidify the affected area with large air movers and powerful dehumidifiers 3. We clean and sanitize the area then begin the restoration process.