Property PreservationFive Star Maintenance:

Property Preservation

ThinkstockPhotos-464679022We see it everyday. Vacant properties full of debris, overgrown grounds, or water damage from frozen pipes, you name it - we've cleaned and restored it. We have a hard-working, efficient crew that is dedicated only to property preservation jobs. We work directly with asset managers, commercial property owners and realtors to get their vacant properties ready for sale. Our services include, but are not limited to the following property preservation projects:
  • Eviction 
  • Trash Outs 5 Star maintenance handles all debris removal from foreclosed or vacated properties. This includes residential trash outs, commercial property debris removal and foreclosure property junk removal and clean up. We clear the structure of all undesired contents and remove all debris from the property location.
  • Winterizing Proper winterization is essential to avoid property damage. Water damage can be a danger to properties that are not winterized correctly.  5 Star Maintenance has the crew, tools and experience to winterize any property.
  • Grounds Maintenance Grass cutting, snow removal, landscaping upkeep or clearing, and debris removal are all part of the 5 Star Maintenance property preservation services. Whether its periodical upkeep or one-time clearing, we handle any grounds needs for a foreclosed, vacant or eviction property.
  • Property Cleaning After trash outs, junk removal or any vacancy, it is likely that a thorough cleaning will be necessary. The 5 Star Maintenance crew can not only clear the property, but clean all interior areas as well. Cleaning services range from flooring and surface cleaning, to carpet cleaning and exterior cleaning.
  • Property Demolition Often, property preservation services include demolition of small structures on the property or of the main residential structure itself. The 5 Star Maintenance demolition services include the acquisition of permits for demolition, as well as debris cleanup and removal.
  • Cash for Keys Why execute evictions with 5 Star Maintenance? Because our team handles the eviction assistance process with professionalism and swift action. We work with you to determine the best course of action and execute evictions quickly and effectively.Offering cash for keys to property renters or owners typically leaves the property vacant much quicker than traditional eviction routes.  Also, properties are typically left in better condition when not subject to a lengthy eviction process. 5 Star Maintenance offers Cash for Keys eviction services for properties located anywhere in Ohio. Contact our eviction assistance department for more information about our Cash for keys services.