Disaster ServicesFive Star Maintenance:

Disaster Services

disasterFire damage. Water damage. Mold. If you are dealing with any of these disaster situations on your property, call us. 5 Star Maintenance has the equipment, certified crew, and experience to handle any disaster situation or damage recovery for any residential or commercial property. Highly qualified, our crew members have been through education and certification training at the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This means that the 5 Star Maintenance team can handle any job – from fire contents cleaning and water damage cleanup, to mold removal and fire damage clean up. Our damage recovery services include:
  • Mold assessment and mold remediation.
  • Fire and smoke content cleaning to remove odor, soot and debris. 
  • Water damage cleanup from flood, leaks and fire.
  • Damage recovery construction for property safety, integrity and pre-disaster condition.
  • Smoke removal from contents, surfaces and the structure.
  • Fire and water damage restoration of the property.
  • Odor neutralization with Hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers.
Fire and Mold Contents Cleaning We know how to get it done right. 5 Star Maintenance offers an off-site cleaning facility that allows all contents to be cleaned to their pre-disaster state. The content cleaning process starts with impeccable inventory of contents. These contents are packed and boxed, and shipped to our cleaning facility. There, each item is cleaned in a temperature-controlled facility. They are returned to their original condition, with no odor or visible trace of fire, soot, or smoke damage. Your property can be returned to its pre-disaster state. 5 Star Maintenance is the team to do it. Our Disaster Services department handles projects large and small. Contact us today.